Zenni Optical Online Glasses Store Review

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Zenni Optical Online Glasses Store Review

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Whether you're on a budget or just want glasses to match every outfit, Zenni Optical is a great website. They have a mix of traditional and unique, trendy frames for as little as $7 (averaging around $20) with virtual try-on software so you can take them for an e-spin.


Base Lens Coatings: anti-scratch and UV protection

Lens Add-ons: anti-reflective coating, digital screen protection, multiple tint options, impact-resistant, and photochromic (Transitions) options

Returns and Warranties: broken frames or frames with manufacturing defects can be replaced for free within 30 days and returns for any other reason will ge a 50 percent refund or a full refund in site credit (excluding shipping); anti-reflective and photochromic coatings covered under a one year warranty; lifetime of free replacement nose pads for all glasses and nose pad screws for rimless glasses 

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