Unicomp Ultra Classic Model M Keyboard Review

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Unicomp Ultra Classic Model M Keyboard Review

For the discerning typist, mechanical keyboards don't get much better than those with a buckling spring. Get more in touch with what you're typing with the Unicomp Model M Keyboard. We recommend this keyboard for typists due to its lauded clicky switch and operating system specific versions.

Membrane or Mechanical Keyboard?

This is the mechanical keyboard. Other mechanical keyboard switches, especially Cherry MX Blues, aim to emulate the significant auditory and tactile feedback of the buckling spring. This switch type might be a bit much for casual use, but serious typists will get the most use out of this keyboard.

What Works

  • Unicomp is one of the original manufacturers of the buckling spring, making their keyboards the most faithful modern recreations of the IBM keyboards or yore.
  • The buckling spring's feedback can improve typing precision and make you more aware of your movement around the keyboard.
  • It comes in a Windows and Mac version, but we're not sure how well less popular operating systems interact with these keyboards.
  • "Make no mistake, this is a loud keyboard."
  • The keyboard has adjustable legs that alter its angle.

What Could Be Better

  • Make no mistake, this is a loud keyboard. We're talking borderline typewriter noise levels. Get ready to improve your typing skills and annoy your coworkers at the same time.
  • There's no backlight, but you're clearly a world-class touch typist who hasn't really looked at a keyboard in years.
  • The plastic construction. The inside of this keyboard has everything you could ever need from a mechanical keyboard, but externally, it feels cheaper than it is.

Warranty and Customer Support

Unicomp offers a one-year warranty and 30-day returns. Customer service is helpful and customers report being able to get replacement keys rather than the whole keyboard.

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