The Best Thermometers for Your Medicine Cabinet

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The Best Thermometers for Your Medicine Cabinet

'Tis the season for staying in and getting cozy with your friends, family, and delightful neighborhood germs. When you get a side of sniffles with your turkey, time is of the essence. Fevers are a decent indicator of whether you'll be sidelined for 1–2 days or 1–2 weeks, but buying a thermometer during cold and flu season tends to be a last-minute affair.

You don't need to get caught off guard this year. We looked at the best options for checking yourself or your kids for a fever, but also found some thermometers that help you track specific health interests like ovulation. No matter what you're looking for, one of these thermometers will take the heat off your search.

Best Thermometer for Adults, Newborns, and Pets

In the tidal wave of digital stick fever thermometers, the Generation Guard Clinical thermometer is our recommendation for its accurate measurement, useful features and great customer service policy.  It measures temperatures orally, under arm, and rectally.


  • Accurate temperature measurement in 15 seconds
  • Flexible tip
  • 30 day refund and one year replacement policy


  • Display is not backlit
  • Some users complain that product ships with dead or short life batteries

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Best Thermometer for Kids

We recommend The iProvèn DMT-489 Clinical Thermometer for kids because both its in-ear and forehead functions provide almost instantaneous (1–3 second) accurate measurements. Kids and parents appreciate these less intrusive methods over oral or axillary readings. It also has a backlit display for easy nighttime reading and can store multiple temperatures for fever tracking.


  • Fast and accurate temperature results (1–3 seconds for results)
  • Limited contact measurement method
  • Backlit screen with color-coded fever alarm


  • No pre-warming ear probe
  • Some users thought the beep was loud

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Best Thermometer For Techies

The Internet of Things has come to take your temperature via the Kinsa Smart Stick thermometer. We recommend this thermometer for tech-friendly users who want a smarter thermometer. The batteryless Smart Stick and its corresponding app give you accurate readings, the ability to create multiple user profiles, health tracking and tips, and information about local illnesses.


  • Accurate temperature measurement in 12 seconds
  • Connects to free iOS and Android app
  • Tracks symptoms across multiple user profiles


  • Does not work with all smartphones (check here)
  • More steps involved in taking a temperature than other stick thermometers

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Best Thermometer for Family Planning

This Basal Body Thermometer (BBT) takes several steps to ensure you get the most accurate reading possible. We believe it's a great choice for people looking to chart their basal body temperatures. We recommend this thermometer for people who value battery life over a backlight, but a new backlit iProvèn BBT earned a honorable mention.


  • Accurately measures temperature to 1/100 of a degree
  • Quiet measurement beeps
  • "Hassle-free" 100-day returns


  • No backlight
  • Rigid tip

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