SmartBuyGlasses Online Glasses Store Review

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SmartBuyGlasses Online Glasses Store Review

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SmartBuyGlasses offers nearly 400 kids eyeglass frames made to fit everyone from fussy babies to even fussier teenagers. We love how many different, age-appropriate styles they offer because their competition doesn't offer as much variety.

If that weren't enough, their wide selection of trendy, prescription sunglasses with special tint options are always ready for your close-up. You can even add a mirror effect for a little extra flash.

Base Lens Coatings: anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and UV protection

Lens Add-ons: thinner lenses, Transitions, digital screen protection, multiple tint options, and mirror effect lenses

Returns and Warranties: returns and exchanges for glasses in "unused condition" within 100 days; two year limited warranty for manufacturer defects

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