Samsung SmartThings Hub V2 Review

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Samsung SmartThings Hub V2 Review

Even though pairing devices can be complicated at times, this is a powerful hub. Plus, devices will work even if you lose your internet connection or power, partially thanks to a 10-hour backup battery.

We recommend the Samsung SmartThings V2 Hub because it offers great automation customization, it's straightforward to use, and its the best hub out there with a backup battery.


"Most WiFi smart products won't connect to the hub."

This hub connects via ethernet and supports Z-Wave, ZigBee, IFTTT, Google Smart Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. There's a "future-proof" Bluetooth chip inside the hub, but it hasn't been activated it yet.

The SmartThings team is meticulous about testing so we can understand why Bluetooth connectivity isn't available and they, conservatively, officially support 168 smart devices. Since it can "speak" the languages of Z-Wave and ZigBee, that number is actually much larger, but those products might not connect as easily.

Unless explicitly stated by the Internet of Things (IoT) device company, WiFi smart products won't connect to the hub. The approved devices connect via specific internet protocols (IPs). This also doesn't connect to Sonos, despite previous support for the popular speakers.

What Works

  • This hub can communicate with Zigbee and Z-Wave smart devices, giving you more flexibility in what products you can buy.
  • "The SmartThings Community is a major asset for troubleshooting and unofficial apps. "
  • The app (iOS, Android, and Windows) is pretty intuitive and offers significant command customization via numerous submenus, multi-device inclusion, and time delays. As a result, paired devices have full or nearly full functionality within the SmartThings app while its main competitor Wink has more limited options.
  • The SmartThings Community is a major asset when it comes to troubleshooting and easy-to-use unofficial SmartApps for devices. No other smart hub has a comparable engaged community of DIY users.
  • There's a 10-hour battery backup to keep your routines running even when the power runs out. This is especially reassuring for security devices like smart locks.

What Could Be Better

  • SmartThings doesn't officially work with Nest or Sonos. There's a great community workaround that allows you to add your Nest products, but no Sonos support is available.
  • This hub can't control WiFi devices, with a few exceptions (these exceptions transmit specific internet protocols or IPs). If many of your smart devices use WiFi, we recommend the Wink Hub 2  or using your hub with a smart speaker instead.
  • You cannot currently connect Bluetooth devices to this hub, but there is a Bluetooth chip inside of it. We know, we want it to be activated too.


The V2 hub is covered by a one-year warranty and 30-day refund period. SmartThings is notorious for their excellent customer support.

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