Oura Ring Review

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Oura Ring Review

If you value sleep tracking over activity tracking and don't want to deal with some clunky wristband, bracelet, or watch, we recommend the latest Oura Ring. The updated Oura Ring combines heart rate and temperature monitoring as well as movement data to give users comprehensive info on their sleep cycles. The data fuels in-app recommendations to improve sleep quality.

What Works

The Oura Ring leverages its heart rate monitor and temperature sensor to provide in-depth sleep cycle data via the well-reviewed Android and iOS (including Apple Health integration) apps. Combined with your nighttime movements, this info can help you get more restful sleep via helpful in-app suggestions. An upcoming software update promises a new meditation feature to help you relax during your waking hours too.


The app also uses your sleep and activity to data to inform a separate section: readiness, which encourages rest. This lets you know what level of activity you can handle based on your current heart rate, plus how much you've worked out and slept recently, including the impact of naps. All of this info combined can help you pinpoint daily decisions like when you should exercise.  

The ring is made out of titanium with glossy, scratch-resistant coatings in a variety of colors and looks much more like a typical ring than the original Oura. You can also get a diamond-encrusted version for more than three times the already steep base cost.


A few additional features can make the price tag feel worth it, like water resistance and wireless charging. The ring is safe in up to 328 ft of water and only needs to be charged once a week via the included charging pad.

What Could Be Better


Though the activity tracking and gyroscope are better than that of the original, the Oura Ring's fitness tracking falls short of other activity trackers, according to Engadget. The company is more focused on your health in relation to your sleep quality than being able to automatically identify different types of activities.

Warranty & Customer Support

You can return your ring within 30 days for a refund (minus shipping fees) and Oura also offers a two-year warranty.

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