Optoma X600 Projector Review

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Optoma X600 Projector Review

There are many reasons you might need a really bright business projector. The most common places you might encounter these projectors would be in higher education classrooms, business meetings, or mid-sized (approximately 300 people or less) houses of worship. These are situations where you might have to compete with high levels of ambient light. You also might just want to keep the lights on for safety or note-taking purposes.

"There are some situations where your projector might have to compete with high levels of ambient light. "

We recommend the Optoma X600 projector for people looking to project pictures, data, and text in well-lit environments. The projector combines affordability with brightness, image quality, and connectivity.

If you're dealing with a much larger space, we recommend the projectors from Epson's Laser Pro Series (G, L, and Z models). Tristan Fuenmayor, Media Director for the Dream City megachurch in Phoenix, Arizona says these are the most sought after and revered projectors in larger venues. The laser light source lasts much longer than average UHP lamps allowing for ceiling installations with minimum maintenance. Your budget, the size of the space, and your connectivity needs will affect which product you buy.

What Kind of Bulb Does It Use?

This projector uses an ultra high-performance (UHP) lamp that lasts up to 2,500 hours. UHP lamps require a brief cool down period after you turn them off before you can turn them back on again. You can buy replacement bulbs for $169.

What Works

  • The 6000 lumens of brightness can clearly display text and data in rooms with a lot of ambient light. The high contrast ratio also helps black text to stand out on white backgrounds.

  • From 32 feet away, you'll get a large 250 inch screen. You can find the sweet spot for your projector using this calculator.

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    Though this is a powerful machine, it's on the lighter side at 7.9 pounds. This weight makes the projector fairly portable for people and organizations who might want to use it multiple locations.

  • The connection options are versatile. The X600 has two HDMI ports, three VGA ports (two in, one out), composite ports, component ports, a Type B USB port, a Displayport (no HDMI dongle needed), and an ethernet port.

  • Reviewers report that the projector is quiet even though it falls at the higher end of the volume spectrum.

  • The projector supports 3D which can make for dynamic presentations and offer creative installation options.

  • The Optoma X600 be easily networked with other projectors which is useful for educators or people interested in larger installations.

What Could Be Better

  • Like most business projectors, the resolution isn't HD. For still images, data and text, however, HD is less of a necessity in comparison to contrast ratio.

  • There's no horizontal keystone correction or lens shift. Combined with the small amount of vertical keystone correction, this lack of features can limit projector placement.

Warranty and Customer Service

Reviewers find Optoma's customer service to be fast and helpful, and our experience can confirm this. This projector is covered under a three-year limited warranty for parts and labor and the lamp has a 90-day warranty. You can receive a refund under Amazon's return policy and Best Buy's 15-day return policy.

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