Optoma GT5500+ Projector Review

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Optoma GT5500+ Projector Review

This projector is great for two different types of potential buyers: gamers and people who want to replace a TV, but don't want to or can't install a traditional projector. The specs that one group values don't necessarily resonate with the other. And yet, here stands the Optoma GT5500+, giving both groups everything they could ask for.

We recommend this projector for gamers for its low input lag, screen brightness, and connection options. We think the connectivity and lumens are valuable to other buyers, but the ultra-short throw range of this projector is the show-stopping feature. You can place this projector 6 inches away from the wall and get a 71 inch image.

What Kind of Bulb Does It Use?

This projector uses an ultra high performance (UHP) lamp that lasts for up to 6,500 hours. UHP lamps require a brief cool down period after you turn them off before you can turn them back on again. You can buy a replacement lamp for $59.

What Works

  • You can place this projector about a foot away from a wall or screen and get a 100 inch image.

  • It has a low input lag at 33 ms. This gets much lower in Game mode, roughly 17 ms, and you won't have to worry about losing brightness since the projector emits 3500 lumens in Normal mode.

  • The projector displays in full HD (1080p) and is 3D ready.

  • You can plug consoles and devices into the projector via two HDMI ports, a micro and regular USB port, VGA ports, and composite ports. Some users might also enjoy using the ethernet and 12V trigger ports for networking and automation purposes.


What Could Be Better

  • The setup software is a little complex. It might take a moment to get everything up and running, limiting its portability.

  • Based on user reviews, we don't recommend installing this projector on the ceiling.

  • If you go beyond the recommended 100 inch maximum screen, you may start to notice some distortion at the top of the image, especially if you use a wall instead of a fixed screen.

  • This projector is fairly new to the market, so its durability is unproven. Professional and user reviews agree that this projector improves on the failings of the GT5500.

Warranty and Customer Service

We found Optoma's customer service team to be responsive and helpful. This projector is covered under a one-year limited warranty for parts and labour and the lamp is under a 90-day warranty. You can get a refund under Amazon's return policy.

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