Noon Lighting System Starter Kit Review

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Noon Lighting System Starter Kit Review

If you want your home to look as smart as it is, touchscreen light switches can school your home's wiring. There are only a handful of these kinds of smart switches, but we love how Noon embraces traditional switch aesthetics while providing more functionality.

We recommend this lighting system for people with bigger budgets who want a minimalist, futuristic home. If you want a more elaborate touchscreen smart switch, we think you should keep your eyes peeled for Brilliant Control.

Installation and Compatibility

To install this lighting system, you'll need a neutral wire, so its not compatible with older, two-wire systems. The room director uses 2.4 gHZ WiFi and the other switches communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy.

It only pairs with Amazon Alexa, making it a very light smart device in terms of connectivity.

What Works

  • Though other screens have more detailed features, the simplicity of Noon's switches is where it succeeds. Only the room director switch has a touchscreen display while the other switches look like and can operate as regular switches.

  • You can create lighting scenes for different moods and set schedules based on your day-to-day habits.

  • You can operate the system from the room director switches or from the well-designed smartphone app (iOS and Android).


    Noon supports all residential bulbs and automatically knows which lights are dimmable.

  • You can monitor the energy for all of your lights.

  • The room director switch also houses a motion sensor for activating night lights or just turning on the lights when you get home.

  • You can set custom lighting scenes or use one of three preset scenes and set vacation schedules that follow your typical lighting habits.

  • It's a three-way switch which means you can control one or a group of lights with multiple switches.

  • There's a mechanical click when you turn lights on or off, which doesn't make you reliant on the touchscreen.

  • The switches also fit in mainstream rocker wall plates, which gives you some design flexibility.

What Could Be Better

  • It currently only works with Amazon Alexa, so it won't integrate with the vast majority of smart hubs, programs, or devices.

  • The system costs considerably more than others without a touchscreen which might not be worth it for some, especially considering:

  • The touchscreen doesn't do much. It simply helps you navigate between preset and custom scenes. But hey, buttons are so 2017.

  • These switches won't work with switch controlled outlets or ceiling fans.

Warranty and Customer Support

The Noon switches are only covered by a one-year warranty. You can get a refund within 14 days if you buy from Noon or Amazon, and within 15 days from Best Buy. Customer support is helpful and responded in a reasonable amount of time.

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