NFC Ring Eclipse Review

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NFC Ring Eclipse Review

NFC Ring's Eclipse is a great near-field communication (NFC) ring for people looking to add some light futurism to their life. With two NFC tags, the ring allows you to perform more than one task.

We recommend the Eclipse because it's affordable, has a fairly sleek design, is water-resistant enough for handwashing and showers, and it has a wide operating range. If you don't need two NFC tags and want a sleeker, more waterproof ring, we also recommend the more expensive OPN.

NFC works better on Android than iPhones, but keep in mind that users can disable NFC in their settings.

What Works

Most NFC rings need to be within a couple of millimeters in order to be read, but the Eclipse offers a 5–20 mm operating range. This means you don't have to rub your hand around a phone or a keypad (as much).

The Eclipse also has two NFC tags, visually noticeable via the textured and smooth sides of the ring. The palm side of the ring can be used for private information like passwords or to unlock doors while the outwards side of the ring can send casual information like a website or your contact info.

The NFC Ring Control app allows you to program the tags to do one of six things: send a website, Facebook link, Twitter link, YouTube video link, contact information (a vCard; think of it as a digital Rolodex card), or just text. For the slightly more ambitious out there, there are many intuitive third-party Android apps out there that can help you perform special tasks like unlocking your phone. If you buy an NFC-enabled lock, you'll need to use the app for that lock to pair one of the tags in your ring and then you'll be able to enter your home without a key or your phone.

The ring is also ceramic instead of metal, so it won't rust and it's safe for people who work closely with electricity.

What Could Be Better

"The palm side of the ring can be used for private information while the outwards side of the ring can send casual information."

The NFC tags don't support payments which is one of the major use cases for NFC these days. To be fair, no NFC-enabled ring on the market is payment friendly yet, but NFC Rings will release one in the near future and Token is beta testing another that also supports public transit passes.

Warranty & Customer Support

If you need to exchange your ring, you'll need to pay international shipping. Returns within 14 days (or 30, if there's a defect) will receive full refunds for it and all shipping costs. Partial refunds are provided if the ring develops a fault within a year. 

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