Nature Bright Sun Bliss Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

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Nature Bright Sun Bliss Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

If you're always in a different time zone and need a sunrise alarm clock that fits in your carry-on, you're in luck. Nature Bright's Sun Bliss is an adorably small and surprising powerful two-in-one sunrise alarm clock. The lights can get considerably brighter than the average sunrise alarm clock so they can be used for light therapy during the day.

How Does It Work?

There are six buttons on the Sun Bliss: a power symbol, a page icon (a menu), a curved arrow icon (enter), a circle icon (light therapy), an up arrow, and a down arrow.

When you press the menu button four icons appear on the left side of the display. You can navigate through the options by pressing menu repeatedly and enter to select the icon.

You can go to the clock icon, the traditional alarm clock icon (to set the sunrise alarm), the bell icon (to set the backup sound alarm), or the light therapy circle icon.

What Works?

  • The small device can easily fit into a work bag or luggage and won't take up much space on a nightstand or desk.

  • The device functions as both a sunrise alarm clock and a light therapy tool that can be used during the day.

  • There's a backup sound alarm of birds chirping that starts once the alarm is at peak brightness.

  • The clock will remember the alarm settings (not the time) if it loses power. This is a great feature since it's a bit of a pain to set everything and you'll be unplugging it on a regular basis.

  • The clock comes with a universal power adapter, for those international trips.

  • The light therapy mode allows you to set a timer (up to 59 minutes) so you don't overexpose your eyes to the bright light.

What Could Be Better?

  • "The light is a cool white instead of a warm yellow, so it might be a jarringly different experience to a typical sunrise alarm"

    The button icons and functions are a bit confusing. If you lose the instructions (and don't have access to our light) and use this light infrequently, the process of changing the alarms and settings will be a bit frustrating.

  • You have to keep the power (and display) on in order to use the alarm functions. This might be a dealbreaker for people who need to sleep in completely dark rooms.

  • The light is a cool white instead of a warm yellow, so it might be a jarringly different experience to a typical sunrise alarm.

  • You have to set the sunrise and sound alarms separately, but the sound alarm cannot stand alone. The sunrise alarm will function on its own, but the sound alarm needs the sunrise alarm to be activated in order to work.

  • The cord is on the short side which could be a problem if you're short on outlets.

Warranty and Customer Support

Nature Bright's customer service is a little hit or miss, but they offer a one-year warranty. You also get the benefit of a 30-day, unconditional return policy.

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