Motiv Ring Review

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Motiv Ring Review

The Motiv Ring is a great wearable for people looking for a discreet fitness tracker. We recommend it because it tracks activity well, is waterproof enough to swim with, and it has a heart rate monitor.

What Works

The lightweight ring is available in seven sizes and you receive a sizing kit before the ring itself to ensure a snug fit. The fit is especially important for the ring's heart rate monitor, a coveted but rare feature in the smart jewelry world.

The ring tracks various activities and calories burned, but it works best as a pedometer. Motiv logs all of your steps, but you're only rewarded for 10 or more minutes of continuous activity. The ring also works well for logging your swimming activity since it's waterproof for up 165 ft. You can use the corresponding app on its own or connect to Apple Health.

Motiv's battery lasts for about three days and recharges in less than two hours via one of its USB chargers.

What Could Be Better

"The ring isn't great for anything other than very simple sleep tracking."

The Motiv app was only originally available on iOS and the new Android app is still in beta testing, currently making this purchase more ideal for iPhone users. Even then, the iOS app doesn't provide as much comprehensive data as a traditional wristband tracker. The ring also isn't great for anything other than very simple sleep tracking, and the Oura Ring is a much better choice for that feature.

The titanium rings are plated to look like slate gray or rose gold, but it's very easy to scuff off some of the plating after as little as a few weeks of regular use.

Warranty & Customer Support

Motiv offers a 45 day return policy and a one year limited warranty. 

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