Meater Wireless Thermometer Review

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Meater Wireless Thermometer Review

The turkey is in the oven, but your sister is at the airport. Or maybe you need to swing by the grocery store. Run your errands without fear with the only completely wireless meat thermometer we found. This Kickstarter success story took a while to find its footing, but the Meater thermometer was worth the wait. We recommend this elegant thermometer for techies who want to be able to leave the house while their bird cooks.

How Does It Work?

Take the Meater out of its wooden charging station and place it in your turkey. Make sure the black handle is sticking out by at least 2 inches. The pointed tip of the probe houses the internal sensor (heat-safe to 212°F) while the handle end has an ambient sensor (heat-safe to 572°F). Don't switch those ends up unless you like your thermometers charred and broken!

Why do you need an ambient sensor? It helps the app estimate the cook time. Instead of guessing when your turkey will be done with your own timer, just let the app figure it out.

Once your turkey's in the oven, use the Meater app to set your temperature. You can use "Guided Cook" which offers chef and USDA guidelines for meat safety and doneness or "Custom Cook." After you set your temperature, the app will show you the internal, target, and ambient temperatures and will notify you when your turkey is done.

Bluetooth™ connectivity to your Meater typically maxes out around 33 feet. To monitor the temperature from farther away, you need to have another smartphone or tablet close enough to the probe to serve as the Bluetooth™  to Wi-Fi bridge via "Meater Link." If you want to run to the supermarket, you can extend your access even farther by signing into "Meater Cloud" within the app.

What Works?
  • The probe is completely wireless. With no awkward cords to stow and a stylish charging case, the Meater thermometer doesn't feel like it's cluttering up your kitchen when it's not in use. 
  • Meater Link uses your home's WiFi as a signal extender for the Bluetooth™ pairing. Meater Cloud allows you to access your cook from wherever there's mobile data service or Wi-Fi. (Otherwise the range is about 33 feet.)
  • The app is available on iOS and Android. Additionally, Meater Link works across the two platforms, so you could connect an Android device to an Apple device.
  • Guided Cook offers more than the standard options like beef or poultry, allowing you to choose specific cuts like chuck steak and turkey.
  • The app lets you set and name multiple timers. By pressing the bell icon, you can set alerts to remind you to start making a side or baste regularly.
  • The app will also estimate resting time to help you take your turkey out at the right time.

What Could Be Better?
  • You'll notice when you check out the app that the ratings aren't great. There were some delays in shipping the Kickstarter units which led to some poor app reviews. Users who received the hardware overwhelmingly enjoyed the product.
  • Since Meater is so new to the meat thermometer world, we can't vouch for its long-term durability. 

Warranty and Customer Support

Returns within 30 days are granted if the Meater was bought directly from the manufacturer. Each thermometer is covered by a one-year limited warranty that doesn't cover accidental damage or commercial use. Also, hacking the thermometer is a good way to lose your warranty eligibility. We know you want to, but don't do it.

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