Logitech Easy-Switch K810 and K811 Keyboard Review

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Logitech Easy-Switch K810 and K811 Keyboard Review

Wireless keyboards are great for avoiding wire clutter on your desk. We recommend Logitech's Easy-Switch Keyboards because they look great, provide a great typing experience, and let you switch between devices with, well, ease.

Membrane or Mechanical Keyboard?

The Logitech Easy-Switch Keyboards are membrane keyboards that use Bluetooth to connect to multiple devices. The membrane design allows them to be quieter and cheaper than our main pick.

What Works

  • The keys are backlit and you can adjust the brightness level. The keyboards also have ambient sensors that adapt the brightness to match the environment.
  • The Bluetooth connection is reliable, according to user reviews.
  • If you are considering Apple's Magic Keyboard, former Magic Keyboard users consider this a significant upgrade. The Easy-Switch one improves on Apple's product with its backlight, more comfortable key spacing, and overall typing experience.
  • There are two versions: Windows and Mac. The Windows version also supports Android and the Mac version supports iOS and Apple TV. Users also report that either version works with Linux and Chrome OS, but Linux seems to perform better with the Windows keyboard.
  • It can remember and connect to three Bluetooth devices, allowing it switch between them with ease.
  • You can type while the keyboard charges. Each charge gives 10 days to one year's worth of battery life, depending on the brightness level of the backlight.

What Could Be Better

  • Some users report that the keys become loose over time, but the length of the warranty should cover key replacements.
  • There's no onboard indicator that your battery is dying or dead.
  • It's not a full-sized keyboard. If you like having a number pad, we recommend the non-backlit Logitech K780 Keyboard.
  • It's not spill-proof. Unlike the Apple Magic Keyboard and a few other competitors, this keyboard won't survive a spill.
  • It doesn't automatically shut-off. If you don't remember to turn the keyboard off, the battery will drain while it's not in use, but this also means it won't turnoff if you've just been idle for a while.

Warranty and Customer Support

Logitech offers a three-year limited hardware warranty for both versions of the Easy-Switch.

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