Kinesis Freestyle 2 Wireless Keyboard Review

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Kinesis Freestyle 2 Wireless Keyboard Review

Separated keyboards allow you to keep your arms at your sides and your hands less cramped while you type. They can also help people who aren't able to bring their hands together on a standard keyboard. We recommend Freestyle 2 Keyboards and VIP3 accessory kit for their comfort, accessibility, and Bluetooth connection.

Membrane or Mechanical Keyboard?

This is a membrane keyboard, but it has a very clicky, mechanical feel to it. For the price, we would love a mechanical option, but the keyboard seems durable and we appreciate the wireless connectivity.

What Works
  • It offers nine inches of separation between the keyboard halves to help users improve their posture and limit strain.
  • The wireless connection and angled risers from the accessory kit allow a bit more mobility than typical separated keyboards
  • You can pair with three devices via Bluetooth.
  • You can use the keyboard while it's charging.

What Could Be Better
  • You need to buy the accessory kit in order for the keyboard to really shine. The VIP3 kit comes with angled risers and wrist pads.
  • There's a learning curve to the key spacing. Some buttons are also different sizes so it takes some getting used to, but the differences aren't insurmountable.

Warranty and Customer Support

Kinesis offers a two-year limited warranty on these keyboards, but customer support can be on the slow side. 

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