Kikkerland Turkey Timer Review

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Kikkerland Turkey Timer Review

We think you should definitely use a meat thermometer, but we couldn't resist this novelty turkey timer. The Kikkerland Turkey Timer was made popular by The New York Times and we stand by putting this tiny turkey in your big turkey.

How Does It Work?

In most pop-up timers, a small stick is loaded onto a spring and held in place by a soft metal or wax at the bottom of the timer. When the metal or wax melts, the stick pops up and your turkey is done.

With this little guy, you get to look forward to his legs popping up. 

What Works?

  • Pop-up thermometers are generally a bit boring aesthetically, but this one has a fun turkey design where the legs pop up.
  • It can be used about 300 times. Most pop-up timers are disposable, but this one wants to make your turkeys festive for a long time.
  • It's dishwasher safe and oven safe to 450°F

What Could Be Better?

  • Some units flat out don't work. As with all pop-up timers, there are as many duds as there are functioning products. Sometimes the legs never move or they pop up at far too high a temperature

Warranty and Customer Support

Kikkerland offers a 90 day warranty in which it will replace defective products for free and 30 day refunds on unused items minus the cost of shipping.

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