Jackery Bolt and Bolt-C Portable Charger Review

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Jackery Bolt and Bolt-C Portable Charger Review

We recommend the Jackery Bolt and Bolt-C portable chargers for their built-in cables, ability to fully charge more than one device simultaneously, built-in flashlight, and build quality. If you want double its charging power, Qualcomm Quick Charge, and don't mind BYOC (bringing your own cable), we also recommend the Jackery Titan.

What Works

Both versions of this charger have a built-in micro-USB cable. The Bolt also has a Lightning cable for your new Apple products and the Bolt-C has a USB-C cable for your new Android phones and tablets.

"Jackery houses their batteries in tough aluminum shells, not plastic."

The chargers have "Smart Fit" technology that recognizes how much power to send to devices with different battery needs. You can also do passthrough charging (charge the Bolt and your devices simultaneously). This is a rare feature in portable chargers since there aren't many use cases for it, but this essentially gives you three charging ports from one outlet.

Unlike other portable chargers that use plastic, reinforced or not, Jackery houses its portable chargers in aluminum shells. This aluminum provides more protection against drops. We also love that you can activate a flashlight by double pressing the power button. The power button allows you to turn the battery on and off when you're using it, so you can leave something plugged in without draining power.

What Could Be Better

These chargers don't support Qualcomm Quick Charge or other rapid charging technologies, but typically charges phones within 1.5 and 2 hours.

If you value the fastest charging available for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or iPhone 8, 8+, or X, stick with the brand's charger and cables or one of these USB-C alternatives.

A few Amazon reviewers received chargers that stopped functioning within a few months or sooner. With a two-year warranty, we don't think this is an issue.

Warranty & Customer Support

Jackery offers a two-year warranty and has a good customer support team. They're not always the fastest, but they are ultimately helpful and accommodating. 

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