iTronics ThermoPro TP07 Review

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iTronics ThermoPro TP07 Review

You know what you're doing when it comes to a big holiday dinner. Sides are prepped and ready to be warmed up, but the turkey's still in the oven. Your loved ones are in the next room, but you're running in and out of the kitchen to check on your bird. We don't like that picture, so we recommend iTronics' ThermoPro TP07 Wireless Meat Thermometer. Be free. Hug your family.

How Does It Work?

Turn on the transmitter (the smaller display) and receiver (the larger display and your wireless remote). After plugging the probe into the transmitter, you should see the temperature on both displays. Place the probe in the turkey and set your transmitter down on your counter or hook it on the oven door. You are now free to walk up to 300 feet away with the receiver.

Using the remote receiver, you can set your temperature. The "Meat" button cycles through different types of meat and the "Taste" button lets you select the level of doneness. You can also use the up and down buttons to customize your temperature.

For timers, press "Mode" and you can use the start/stop button to activate a stopwatch. For a countdown timer, use the hour and minute buttons to set your timer and then press the start button. To clear any timer, hold down both the hour and minute buttons.

The backlight is color-coded: it flashes blue for countdown timers and temperature increases of 10°F, green when the temperature is within 15°F of your setting, and red when the meat is ready.

What Works?

  • The transmitter sends the temperature to the receiver up to 300 feet away. Yep, you can just walk away, no Bluetooth™ required.
  • Both the receiver and transmitter have a kickstand. The transmitter can swivel to become a hook for the oven door handle and the receiver has a belt clip that can become a kickstand.
  • The receiver is small enough to fit in your hand, but also offers an easy-to-read 1.5 inch by 1.3 inch LCD display.
  • The rubber sleeve case is comfortable to hold and splash proof. The design of these displays offer a significant upgrade to our budget pick.
  • This thermometer is also covered by iTronics' five-year warranty and lifetime probe replacement policy. You can also purchase backup probes here.

What Could Be Better?
  • The backlight only works when an alarm is set. We wish there was a dedicated light button, but ultimately, this felt like a bigger issue for people grilling meat outside.
  • Some Amazon reviewers found the constant flashing of the blue backlight annoying, but other users appreciated the visual cue in addition to the alarm.
  • Look, Ma! No magnets. Unfortunately, neither display has any magnets, but we think the hook option opens up the possibilities of where you could put the transmitter. 

Warranty and Customer Support

Customer service for this thermometer has a bad reputation due to most people thinking the company is called ThermoPro. iTronics' customer support is generally fast and friendly, offering refunds under their 30-day return policy. Their five-year warranty and lifetime probe replacement policy will keep you cooking turkeys for many years to come!

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