iProvèn DMT-489 Clinical Thermometer Review

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iProvèn DMT-489 Clinical Thermometer Review
olivia geyelin

We recommend the iProvèn DMT-489 Thermometer for children because it's unobtrusive, fast and accurate. As an upgrade from digital stick thermometers, the DMT-489 gives almost instantaneous readings, has a backlit screen, can be used as an in-ear and forehead thermometer, and records more temperatures.

How Does It Work?

This dual-function thermometer is essentially an in-ear thermometer with a special adapter cap that also allows temporal (forehead) measurement.

olivia geyelin

For in-ear use, you remove the adapter cap and place the probe in the ear. Press the "Ear" button. For forehead use, the adapter cap needs to be on the probe. Hold down the "Head" button and swipe the infrared end of the thermometer across your forehead, from temple to temple. Let go of the button at the other side.* In 1–3 seconds, the thermometer will beep and light up to show you the temperature.

If you move the thermometer between rooms with widely differing room temperatures, the manufacturer recommends you give the thermometer up to 30 minutes to adjust for the most accurate readings. 

*Note: Avoid swiping the thermometer over your hair because it affects the accuracy of the measurement. One of our testers' hair gave her a fever!

What Works

  • Accurate temperature readings in 1–3 seconds.
  • You get both types of infrared thermometers: in-ear and forehead. Forehead readings are a great option when your kid has an ear infection or significant wax buildup that could skew the measurement.
  • "Forehead readings are a great option when your kid has an ear infection or significant wax buildup that could skew the measurement."
  • A large, backlit screen for easy nighttime temperature reading.
  • Color-coded fever alarms.
  • The thermometer can store the last 20 temperatures, helping you track fevers over time.
  • Most babies' ears are too small for any ear thermometer, but you can transition from forehead readings to in-ear readings.

What Could Be Better

  • The ear probe tip doesn't pre-warm itself like some other ear thermometers. This can cause minor discomfort. If you find that this is an issue, you can use the temporal (forehead) measurement.
  • Some users found the notification beep to be loud, but we thought the beep was a reasonable volume.

Warranty and Customer Service

With a "hassle-free" 100-day return policy and great customer service, you can try one of these slightly pricier thermometers out without much risk. Most of the time, you don't have to ship the product back in order to get a refund, as long as you can confirm your order. You can also register the thermometer to add another year to its standard one year warranty, regardless of where you bought it. 

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