Inovelli Z-Wave Dual Outdoor Plug Review

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Inovelli Z-Wave Dual Outdoor Plug Review

This smart plug is proof that you don't always need to go for the legacy brand names. Inovelli, a Michigan startup you've probably never heard of, makes a mean outdoor plug. We recommend their Z-Wave Dual Outdoor Plug for its reliability, durability/weatherproofing, and its ease of use.

Installation and Compatibility

This plug communicates with other Z-wave devices and will need an open hub, like Samsung Smartthings or Wink, to coexist with other smart devices. Once plugged in, it should automatically pair with a compatible hub.

This plug works with SmartThings, Wink, Vera, HomeSeer, Staples Connect, Zipamini/Zipato. It needs a hub to work and to integrate with Alexa or Google Home.

Keep in mind that some dumb products simply can't be made smart. A good test to see if your product will work with a smart plug is to keep the product on, unplug it from its dumb outlet, and then plug it back in. If it turns back on, congrats; it's smart plug friendly.

What Works

  • The plug has two outlets. One outlet is a standard smart plug while the other is an always-on, regular outlet with a signal repeater. Signal repeaters are standard in smart devices on Zigbee or Z-Wave networks because they help relay commands and strengthen the network.

  • It automatically pairs with major hubs once its plugged in taking the hassle out of setup.

  • You can create schedules for the smart plug.

  • You can turn each each outlet on and off individually or simultaneously. The "dumb" outlet won't be able to run on schedules.

  • The plug is waterproof and built to survive -4ºF to 120ºF.

  • You can turn the outlets off manually by tapping the sides.

  • In addition to compatible hubs listed above, it has limited integration with Honeywell, Nexia, and Piper.

  • Inovelli has great customer service.

What Could Be Better

  • Some users don't think the repeater is strong enough, but most users claim the signal has a good range.

  • It requires a hub to work. If you're not living the hub life, we recommend the somewhat less reliable iDevices Outdoor Switch.

Warranty and Customer Support

What really sets Inovelli apart from the pack is their customer service. They offer fast and comprehensive support in addition to a lifetime warranty. If a lifetime of repairs and replacements doesn't cut it for you, you can get a refund through Amazon's return policy. 

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