Innergie PowerGear USB-C 45W Charger Review

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Innergie PowerGear USB-C 45W Charger Review

We recommend Innergie's PowerGear USB-C 45 for its design, plug-n-play cables, and cross-device compatibility.

What Works

This USB-C charger has four different charging modes that automatically deliver the appropriate voltage to your devices. This means it can deliver the right amount of power to everything from a new Macbook Air to a Google Pixel 2.

Unlike many of the USB-C chargers we found, this model ships with both power cable and USB-C cable. The permanently attached USB-C cable wraps snugly around the small power brick for sleek portability.

What Could Be Better

Since this charger maxes out at 45W, you won't be able to charge Macbooks that need more power, especially the 15 inch models. For those Macbooks, we recommend sticking with Apple. We'll keep our eyes peeled for an upgraded or more powerful third party version.

The charger brick also gets a bit warm when used continuously, but not to the point where it's difficult or dangerous to handle.

Warranty & Customer Support

Innergie offers a three-year limited warranty and great, though a little slow, customer service.

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