Innergie PowerGear 65 Pro Laptop Charger Review

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Innergie PowerGear 65 Pro Laptop Charger Review

We recommend the Innergie PowerGear 65 Pro because it's compatible with most PC laptop sand Chromebooks, it's compact, and it provides a USB port for charging another device.

What Works

This charger comes with six popular interchangeable tips for popular laptops. If your laptop uses a different tip, you can have it sent to you via Innergie's Free Tip Program. The charger supplies 65W of power, which is enough for most laptops, and a 2.1A USB port to charge another device simultaneously. We also love the small, lightweight design of the power brick and its cables.

What Could Be Better

If you only plan on using this charger on one laptop, you might find it to be expensive. High quality, laptop-specific chargers run $10-20 cheaper. Plus, if you need to request a different tip, you'll have to pay the shipping costs.

Warranty & Customer Support

Innergie's customer service time can be on the slow side, but is ultimately helpful. They provide a three-year warranty for this charger.

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