Ikea NORDMÄRKE Triple Wireless Charging Pad

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Ikea NORDMÄRKE Triple Wireless Charging Pad

We recommend the Ikea Nordmärke Triple Wireless Charging Pad because it looks great, charges devices well, and can charge up to four devices.

What Works

The Nordmärke comes in two, decor-friendly styles: a birch outline or a white plastic outline. The rubber center of the pad has three crosses that show exactly where the Qi (wireless charging) chips are, for easy placement. There is also a 2.4A USB port that could charge another phone or a more powerful device like an iPad.

What Could Be Better


The slippery plastic on top is less than ideal, but phones don't seem to stray from their positions. We also didn't like the LED placement, since the size of most modern smartphones blocks the charging notification light.

Warranty & Customer Support

Ikea offers a one-year refund/return policy on all of its products.

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