iDevices Wall Outlet Review

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iDevices Wall Outlet Review

This smart outlet market is incredibly small and this iDevices outlet is the only one that fires on all cylinders. We recommend the iDevices Wall Outlet for its easy installation, compatibility, and energy monitoring feature.

Installation and Compatibility

If you have modern wiring, installation is simple, but you should consider hiring a professional if you're swapping out all of your outlets. Unfortunately, this outlet needs a three-wire system to work. You can hire an electrician to see if a third, neutral wire can be "pulled."

This plug runs on 2.4 gHZ WiFi and Bluetooth, and you won't be able to use a hub with it. In addition to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, this outlet can (occasionally) work with Apple HomeKit.

Keep in mind that some dumb products simply can't be made smart. A good test to see if a smart plug will work is to keep the product on, unplug it from its dumb outlet, and then plug it back in. If it turns back on, congrats; it's smart plug friendly.

What Works

  • It doesn't need a hub to work and can use both WiFi and Bluetooth.

  • Each outlet can be controlled individually(!). You'd think this would be a no-brainer, but this is a surprisingly uncommon feature in reliable smart plugs and outlets. Enjoy the power of choice.

  • The outlet fits all standard plates, giving users considerable decor flexibility and customization.

  • You can monitor the energy usage through the iDevices Connected app.

  • Tiny pull-out tabs hold the pairing information in the outlet itself. This is useful for any connection issues and firmware updates that allow hub integrations because you won't have to worry about losing the information.

  • The sockets are child-safe and tamper resistant, so you don't have to worry about your mini Ben Franklins.

What Could Be Better

  • Apple HomeKit connectivity is buggy. We would recommend using Amazon Alexa or Google Home.


    The outlet needs a neutral wire, making it incompatible with older wiring setups.

  • They are expensive. You can get 2–4 external smart plugs for the cost of one of these outlets.

  • The app is buggy on iOS and Android, but outlet users seem to have an overall better experience than those using other iDevices.

Warranty and Customer Support

iDevices offers a two-year limited warranty and can be refunded through Amazon's return policies. Customer support reportedly has quick turnaround and a pleasant, patient demeanor, but resolutions can take a few days.

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