Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror Charger Review

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Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror Charger Review
olivia geyelin

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When the Pearl's Kickstarter launched in 2014, there was nothing else like it. You had portable chargers and compact mirrors with LEDs, but no one had thought of putting them together. Yet. Years and countless dupes later, the Pearl still smokes the competition.

In rare form, the Pearl Compact Mirror is hybrid product that executes both of its functions well. On top of that, it looks great with five colors to choose from and it comes with a soft case that matches the compact's color.  

The Pearl is thinner than its closest competitors by a tenth of an inch. That might not sound like much, but it makes a difference in your hand and your clutch. When open, the compact makes the most of the space with a regular mirror on top and bright LEDs surrounding a 3X magnification mirror on the bottom.

olivia geyelin

We love how easy the LEDs made touch-ups when we were traveling or in dark bars, restaurants, and rideshares. As someone with darker skin, the lights also erased dramatic shadows I often see on my face in "well"-lit areas with a regular compact.

This compact takes 2–3 hours to charge via micro-USB and holds that charge for weeks when not in use. The included cable offers three options with a USB plug on one end and a micro-USB plug, lightning plug, and 30-pin connector (the wide plug for older Apple devices) on the other end.

We love that the multi-use cable is short, but it does exclude USB-C products from the fun. If you have a phone or tablet that uses USB-C, you'll need to get a separate cable. You'll be able to charge your device in about an hour, but you won't have the faster charging mode available on most new smartphones.

Tiny issues aside, we think the Pearl Compact Mirror would be a great addition to your makeup bag. Snap one up and hit the road!

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