Huawei USB-C Earphones Review

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Huawei USB-C Earphones Review

We did it, we found affordable USB-C headphones without sacrificing audio quality. You might not be familiar with Huawei, but this massive Chinese company has been making serious waves with its smartphones and accessories. We love Huawei's USB-C headphones because they didn't hurt our wallet, sound great, and work across USB-C devices.


These headphones worked in everything we plugged them into, from Macbooks to Pixel 2s and even a Samsung Galaxy S9. Some devices that already had 3.5 mm jacks needed some setting tweaks to be able to use the earphones. With the OnePlus 5T and Macbooks, we needed to access advanced and sound output settings, respectively.

How Do They Sound?

These headphones sound like a less bassy version of Apple's EarPods without losing the low-end altogether. From trap to heavy metal to professional and amateur podcasts, these delivered delightfully equalized audio.

In-call audio was also good, but on the other end of the line, the mic picked up slightly more wind that the EarPods and much more than Libratone's super luxe Q Adapt Earphones.

The noise cancellation was marginally worse than on the EarPods, but the difference was only significantly noticeable on a moving train. On the street, at home, and in the office, the amount of outside noise that filtered through was roughly the same.

What Could Be Better

Like with the EarPods, the control panel, which includes a mic, rests at about chin level. Though this is something we're used to, we definitely got spoiled by Libratone's tiny mic and better placed (lower) control panel. The control panel feels cheaper than the EarPods.

Warranty & Customer Support

All attempts to contact Huawei about this product proved futile.

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