Great Useful Stuff Charging Station Review

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Great Useful Stuff Charging Station Review

We recommend the Great Useful Stuff Charging Station because it can hold several devices, has a great power supply, and hides all of your cables.

What Works

This bamboo charging station can simultaneously hold three phones, a tablet, and a laptop. The power supply, which also has a bamboo exterior, provides five hidden USB ports and two AC outlets. All of your USB and power cables can fit in the base of the dock, so there's only one cable leaving the charging station.

What Could Be Better

Yes, this is more expensive than its competitors, but we think the decluttering, decor-friendly design is worth it. We also placed value on the design of the included power supply since other stations simply used unsightly plastic power banks or didn't come with a power supply at all.

The only other issue we found with this dock was the cable space. Feeding charging cables into the phone docks is a somewhat intricate process since too little cable makes connecting your phones difficult and too much can prevent them from resting properly in the dock. We recommend keeping your cords tidy inside the base with some wire ties or pipe cleaners and only leaving 2–3 inches of cable free.

Warranty & Customer Support

Great Useful Stuff has a 30-day return period, but they'll only pay return shipping if the charging station was defective, lost in transit, or if the wrong product was sent to you. Their customer service team is far from fast, but ultimately helpful.

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