GE Wireless Lighting Control Plug-in Dimmer Review

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GE Wireless Lighting Control Plug-in Dimmer Review

You make be thinking "Oh, I'll just use the same smart plug on my lamps as I do on everything else." You could do that, but you would miss out on a few features. GE's Wireless Lighting Control Plug-in Dimmer allows you to turn your lamps on and off, and if you haven't guessed, you can dim them. We recommend this smart plug for its ease of use, reliability, dimming properties, and extra outlet.

Installation and Compatibility

This plug can only directly communicate with other Z-Wave devices, but can cooperate with open hubs like Wink or Samsung Smartthings. In order to pair the plug with your hub, your lamp will need to be plugged into the wirelessly controlled outlet.

This plug is also compatible with Pulse, Trane, Nexia, Honeywell, HomeSeer, Smart Security, Harmony Home Hub Extender, Vera, Connect and Iris. With a hub, you can also use Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Keep in mind that some dumb products simply can't be made smart. A good test to see if your product will work with a smart plug, is to keep the product on, unplug it from its dumb outlet, and then plug it back in. If it turns back on, congrats; it's smart plug friendly.

What Works

  • As long as the bulb is dimmable, you can connect any lamp with any bulb type to this plug and get full functionality.

  • The plug offers a smart, Z-wave outlet on one side and an always-on "dumb" outlet on the other side. This allows you to control your lamp, but keep items on that don't respond well to being unplugged (like alarm clocks).

  • You can manually control the light with a button on the plug that can toggle it on and off or adjust the brightness. If this is enough for you and you don't need smartphone or smart assistant automation, you don't need a hub.

  • The horizontal design keeps the bottom outlet open, giving you three total outlets.

What Could Be Better

  • A few user reviews report dimmer buzz or flickering lights when using LEDs.

  • Requires a hub in order to be an Internet of Things (IoT) device. A hub is also necessary for Amazon Alexa or Google Home integration.

Warranty and Customer Support

These GE products are manufactured by Jasco and covered under their two year limited warranty. You can get a refund for the plug through Amazon's return policy. Jasco's customer service team is responsive and handles issues efficiently.

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