Fossil Q and Misfit Command Hybrid Smartwatches Review

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Fossil Q and Misfit Command Hybrid Smartwatches Review

Do you want a watch that looks like a watch, receives notifications from your phone, and tracks your activity and sleep quality? That's not a tall order; we found over a dozen.

Fossil bought the fitness tracking company Misfit in 2015, and we can see Misfit's fingerprints all over Fossil's hybrid smartwatches and vice versa. We recommend the Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatches and the Misfit Command because they offer smartphone notifications and controls,  swim-proof water resistance, long battery life, and a wide range of design options.

The main differences between Fossil's Q line and the new Misfit Command are the apps, battery life, and buttons. The Misfit app is a bit better for fitness, Fossil Q watches' battery last between 6–12 months, depending on the model (compared to the Command's year), and there are only two buttons on the Command.

What Works

These watches receive smartphone notifications and give you a little phone control. You'll receive notifications from texts, calls, emails, alarms, and apps while also being able to control music, snap a photo, and find your phone before you dash out the door.

The notifications come as vibrations and you'll get visual cues for the type of alert it is based on watch hand movement. In the case of the Command and certain Fossil Q watches, these alerts have their own inset dial on the watch face.

These watches are also great for activity and sleep tracking with sensitive accelerometers and 5 ATM (swim-proof) water resistance. Misfit's app is a bit better for fitness tracking, but the Fossil Q app is nothing to sneeze at either for the casual user.

You'll get up to a year out of the Misfit Command's battery while Fossil Q batteries will last 6–12 months. These batteries should be replaced by a jeweler so the water resistant seal remains intact.

The Misfit Command comes in four attractive styles and the Fossil Q watches run the gamut of women's and men's watch designs.

What Could Be Better

The watch cases are thick and on the heavy side. You get used to the weight after a day or so, but people used to thin analog watches might have a harder time adjusting.

Warranty & Customer Support

Fossil and Misfit offer a 90 day return window and a two year warranty. 

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