Febreze FHT170W Air Purifier Review

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Febreze FHT170W Air Purifier Review

We recommend this Febreze air purifier because it can easily fit on a desk and filters harmful particles effectively without producing ozone. Other small, desktop air purifiers we considered either emitted ozone, didn't have easily accessible replacement filters, or were discontinued by the manufacturer.

What Works

    "This air purifier easily fits on a desk and filters harmful particles effectively without producing ozone."
  • This air purifier takes up very little real estate on a desk or on the floor. It also only needs about six inches of clearance in the front and the back can be placed against a wall.
  • It covers up to 85 square feet, but some users were pleased with their results in slightly larger rooms.
  • There are three fan levels which most users don't find too loud. Additionally, since this and the scent level are determined by knobs, there are no persistent lights.
  • There are also separate notification lights for the filter and the scent cartridge.

What Could Be Better

  • This only uses a HEPA Type filter which removes 99 percent of particles 2.5 microns and larger. It can handle large particles like dust and pet dander, but smaller particles like smoke won't get caught by the filter. If you are looking for True HEPA filtration and don't mind a larger purifier, try our pick for small rooms.
  • The optional scent cartridges don't last very long. The original cartridges have some kick to them, but the replacements don't survive a week.

Warranty and Customer Support

Febreze offers a three-year warranty and pretty comprehensive (though a bit slow) customer support. 

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