CDN IRM200-GLOW Review

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CDN IRM200-GLOW Review

Don't need bells and whistles? CDN's analog IRM200-GLOW is a great leave-in thermometer for people who just want to know how hot their turkey is. If you want even fewer features, there's a slightly cheaper model without the glow-in-the-dark display.

How Does It Work?

Unlike most digital thermometers, you can calibrate this thermometer. After/during a boil test, use some pliers to adjust the temperature: clockwise to increase the temperature and counterclockwise to decrease the temperature.

For regular use, place the thermometer in your turkey. Move the side tracker arrow to your desired temperature. Put the turkey in the oven. That's it. Really.

What Works?

- The display dial is easy to read. An impressive 2 inches in diameter, the numbers and different meats have a food safe glow-in-the dark paint. Because who really remembers to change their oven light?

- The right side of the dial shows different meat types and corresponds with temperature ranges on the left.

- The thermometer is dishwasher safe and one less thing to hand wash after the big dinner. Sorry, we can't help you with Grandma's china.

What Could Be Better?

- Some Amazon reviewers reported the glow-in-the-dark paint stopped functioning after a while. Luckily, the temperature tracking arrow still makes it easy to see when your bird's done.

- As with any leave-in thermometer, the probe will eventually fail. Time is a cruel mistress to heat-sensing instruments.

Warranty and Customer Support

Unfortunately, this thermometer's return policy doesn't include refunds, but it's covered under a five year limited warranty. The warranty doesn't cover user error or wear and tear, but if this thermometer just suddenly stops working, they've got your back.