Best Decor-Friendly Keyboards for Casual Use

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Best Decor-Friendly Keyboards for Casual Use

If you've ever wanted a really cool looking keyboard and don't understand why they aren't more popular, it's because they often don't handle serious use well. These keyboards can handle typing in some searches on your TV though!

We specifically chose wireless keyboards, so they can connect to TVs and tablets around your home. Apple TVs officially connect with Bluetooth keyboards, but USB wireless dongles can work for just about anything else with a USB port.

Best Glass Keyboard: Bastron Bluetooth Keyboard $100

There are a few glass keyboards out there, but Bastron makes the best transparent one. This waterproof, tempered glass keyboard feels a bit like using a virtual keyboard on a tablet, and with the press of a button, the entire keyboard can also function as a trackpad.

Best Virtual Keyboard: Celluon Epic Keyboard $86

This little device projects a laser keyboard onto any opaque surface. It's dongle-less, but can connect with any Bluetooth-ready device. Like the Bastron, the Epic has a mouse mode, but it unfortunately doesn't work on iOS devices.

Best Wood Keyboard: Sengu Bamboo Keyboard $45

Sengu makes the best wooden keyboards out there with bamboo. Some users actually got comfortable enough to use these 2.4 gHZ wireless keyboards regularly. Occasionally, there are complaints of key ghosting (keys not registering), but it's ultimately a sturdy decor piece. 

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