BenQ HT3050 Projector Review

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BenQ HT3050 Projector Review

If you're looking to spend less than $1,000 or need wide range of connection options, this BenQ projector is for you. We recommend the BenQ HT3050 projector due to its great image quality,  ease of use, and connectivity.

What Kind of Bulb Does It Use?

This projector uses an ultra high performance (UHP) lamp, so it needs to cool down after you turn it off before you turn it on again. The lamp should last up to 6,000 hours (in Eco mode), and you can buy a replacement lamp for $249.

What Works

  • The projector displays in full HD (1080p) and is 3D compatible.

  • At about 8 pounds, the HT3050 is light enough to move around your home or to work, but hefty enough that you won't have to worry about knocking it over.

  • The projector is calibrated to match the color reproduction standards for film mastering in Hollywood (Rec. 709). For the novice projector buyer, this takes the guesswork out of programming the image settings.

  • The 10W speakers provide loud and clear audio. This can minimize setup time if you're only using the projector occasionally. Reviewers report that the quality is on par with great TV speakers, but most prefer to use external speakers.
  • Holy ports, Batman! This projector boasts two HDMI ports (one MHL ready), a USB port, a micro-USB port, component and composite inputs (for Blu-ray/DVD players and old-school game consoles), a VGA port (for PCs), and a 12V trigger port to connect to a motorized screen or certain speakers. Whatever you need to plug in, you can.

  • The wall color correction feature gives you the best possible image for projecting directly onto a wall. If you're not ready to spring for screen, this is a great plug-n-play option.

  • Keystone correction adjusts the display to avoid a trapezoid effect, allowing users to install the projector in corners or other atypical places.

  • Most reviews clock the input lag at about 50 ms, but a 2015 firmware update brings the lag down to about 30 ms. This means faster response times for gamers and better video-audio sync for movies.

What Could Be Better

  • The vertical lens shift is limited. While the keystone correction allows for flexibility in horizontal placement, you will only have a little wiggle room vertically.

  • Some Amazon reviewers report that it emits a fair amount of heat when it's on for a while. Most projectors do this to some degree and other Amazon reviewers didn't find the heat to be bothersome.

  • If you use an external speaker, you'll have to mute the internal speakers.

  • Because this projector uses a single-chip DLP display source, there will be a few rainbow artifacts on the screen. Some people are more sensitive to the rainbow effect.

Warranty and Customer Service

BenQ customers report great and speedy customer service. We found their support to be comprehensive, but easy to understand. The HT3050 is covered under a one-year limited warranty that doesn't apply to the lamp. You can return this projector under the policies at Best Buy (15 days) and Amazon. 

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