Bellabeat Leaf Urban Review

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Bellabeat Leaf Urban Review

Bellabeat's Leaf Urban is an attractive and versatile activity tracker. This fashionable pendant can be clipped onto your clothing, worn as a necklace, or worn as a bracelet. We recommend the Leaf Urban because it's a stylish accessory that effectively tracks activity, sleep, and periods.

What Works

The Leaf Urban can easily become a part of any outfit with the help of a clip, wristband, or necklace.

The Urban tracks your activity, sleep, and calories burned, but then it goes a few steps further. The corresponding app interweaves other aspects of health by providing guided meditations, making suggestions on how your lifestyle impacts your stress, and also lets you track your period. Though these mostly rely on manual input, you can be reminded to meditate or take your birth control via subtle vibrations from the tracker.

The Urban uses a coin cell battery that should last about six months before it needs to be replaced. In addition to not worrying about charging it, you don't have to worry about getting your Leaf wet. It can handle splashes from washing your hands or the dishes, light rain, and taking a shower.

What Could Be Better

There's no heart rate monitor in any of the Leaf products and that's a conscious choice from Bellabeat. Wrist based heart rate monitors are often inaccurate and it would also be difficult to get pulse data when using a Leaf as a clip or necklace.

Speaking of necklaces, the Leaf Urban feels a bit heavy on the neck and definitely needs more than a dainty chain. Also, though the water-resistance is an improvement on the Leaf Nature, we'd love to see waterproof rating to really make it life and activity friendly.

Warranty & Customer Support

Bellabeat offers a 30 day refund and exchange policy and a one year limited warranty.

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