Anker PowerPort Wireless 10W Charger Review

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Anker PowerPort Wireless 10W Charger Review

We recommend the Anker PowerPort Wireless 10W charger for its effectiveness, fast charging compatibility and build quality.

What Works

For less than $30, this Anker charger can power-up any Qi-enabled smartphone. It charges phones via 10W (fast charging) 5W. We also love the sturdy design and how it doesn't get too hot, despite not having an internal fan. It's also as effective as wireless chargers that cost double.

What Could Be Better

Since fast charging for iPhones is currently set to 7.5W, iPhone users won't be able to get fast charging. By having a 10W maximum, however, the charger is future proof for any upgrades from Apple. If you want that 7.5W charging speed now, we recommend the RavPower Fast Wireless Charger.

We also don't love that this charger won't work through a phone case (unless it's wireless charging case) and that it doesn't come with a USB wall charger. If you want to keep your case on without splurging on our main wireless recommendation, try Samsung's pad charger.

Warranty & Customer Support

With this charger, get Anker's responsive customer support team and an 18-month warranty.

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