5 Turkey Thermometers to Nail Your Bird

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5 Turkey Thermometers to Nail Your Bird

Your loved ones are gathered around your beautiful holiday spread and everything looks perfect. Those cheerful smiles can quickly turn upside down once they bite into dry or, even worse, undercooked turkey.

Maybe you just eyeball it or perhaps you already have an instant-read meat thermometer, but it's time to make cooking the turkey the easiest part of dinner. We looked at leave-in probe thermometers, from low to high tech, to help you set it and forget it. Grab a carving knife and gobble up our picks for the best turkey thermometers.

Note: With great convenience comes great compromise: thermometer probes eventually fail. We included links to spare probes to help you cover your bases. Learn why we recommend spares.


This is an accurate, beautiful thermometer. With a streamlined look, a suite of features, and intuitive buttons, ThermoWorks' ChefAlarm had us swooning. We recommend this thermometer for most people because it provides the most features in the most elegant way.


- Sturdy and attractive design

- Has a backlit screen, low alarm, and a stopwatch

- Comes with a storage case


- Display feels overwhelming at first

- Expensive

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Best Turkey Thermometer for Most People

We get it; you don't have $59 to drop on a probe thermometer right now, but you still want a probe thermometer for your turkey. We recommend the ThermoPro TP16 Food Thermometer because it's accurate, has similar features to our top pick and great customer service for a fraction of the cost.


- Right combination of accuracy and features at a great price

- Great customer service and lifetime probe replacement warranty

- Separate screens for timers and temperatures


- Average build quality

- Poorly placed power switch 

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Best Budget Turkey Thermometer

You don't have to be stuck in the kitchen this year! Wireless remote thermometers allow you to get out of the heat and into your family's memories. We recommend the iTronics ThermoPro TP07 Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer because of its accuracy, range (300 feet), design, and economical price tag.


- Wireless remote works up to 300 feet away from the oven

- Color-coded, backlit LCD screen

- The transmitter's kickstand swivels into a hook


- Some users find the blinking backlit annoying

- There are no magnets

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Best Wireless Turkey Thermometer

We're always looking out for you Internet of Things lovers, so we researched app-connected thermometers. Though we found some cool ones, this completely wireless thermometer beat out the competition. We recommend the elegant Meater because you don't have to deal with any cords and the app allows you to check on your turkey from anywhere (with mobile data service or WiFi).


- Truly wireless 

- Widest remote range we found

- App lets you name and set multiple timers


- New to market with unproven durability

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Best App-connected Turkey Thermometer

Let's state, for the record, you need to use an actual meat thermometer with this pop-up timer. This classic addition to any holiday turkey takes on an adorable form in Kikkerland's Turkey Timer. We recommend this pop-up timer for people who want to add some whimsy to their cooking process.


- Novelty design 

- Dishwasher safe

- Reusable for up to 300 times


- Not a reliable measure of temperature

- You may receive a dud 

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Best Novelty Turkey Thermometer